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3 Story Philly Fitler Square

3rd Story Philly is working with client's, Karl and Sarah, who recently bought a two story home in Fitler Square. The house couldn't be more perfectly located in the heart of the neighborhood but the young couple knows that the ability to start a family in the house would greatly benefit from another 600 square foot addition which could be added "by-right" with an 8 foot setback from the front. The lot is deep so this set back isn't an issue at all. However, their address is on the historic register (click here for the 188 page list of properties) meaning that for any changes to the facade or elevation needs to go through the Historic Commission. Scott Woodruff, the Director of Architecture at Design Blendz, is working with us to help navigate the process through the Historic Review Process.

Given that Karl and Sarah's house is across from the park, the 3rd story addition would be highly visible. This is a key element in the Commission's decision on whether or not to allow for the project to go on. However, as Scott noted in our initial meeting, the home was built in the 1960s and therefore is a "non-contributing" property as it is "pseudo colonial." Click here for a great reference on the Historic Commission process.

Design Blendz is working on elevations and renderings that will be the first step in the process. From there, we will meet with a reviewer from the Commission on site with the designs and hope of getting an "approval of concept." Stay tuned for updates...

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