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2214 Bainbridge

2214 Bainbridge St.jpg


Graduate Hospital


3rd story addition, roof deck

Square Footage Added


Nestled among the quaint streets of the city, this charming row home has undergone a transformative renovation, adding a third-story expansion and a crowning roof deck that elevate its appeal to new heights. Step outside onto the roof deck, where urban living takes on a new dimension. With panoramic vistas stretching across the skyline, this outdoor oasis becomes the ultimate setting for al fresco dining, starlit soirées, or simply basking in the sunshine with a good book and a cool breeze. Enjoy office space at it's finest as the doors slide open, inviting in the warmth of the city! Click here to check out an old google street view of what it looked like before!

Floor Plans | Elevations

elevation_2214 Bainbridge.jpg
floor_plan_2214 Bainbridge.jpg

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