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Why Us For Selling Your Home?

1. We are also architects/developers/builders & know the ins and outs of the market.  We are a full service package.  Selling/buying a house is a lot more than some paperwork.

2. We can get your house ready to sell
from paint to remodeling a space.  We'll do it quickly and at cost.  And if it's a small enough job, it's on us.

3.  We'll look at houses with you and
know what improvements will cost and if an architect/engineer/trade are needed we'll get them right over.

4.  Our Plans to Sell program can add immediate value to your house and your association with 3rd Story Philly will put prospective buyers at ease that not only is the plan in hand, but the builder is too.  

5.  Decide not to do a 3rd Story, but need more space and
want to renovate?  We'll help you find that perfect house and put together the construction budget (and hopefully build it for you).  

6.  Looking for a teardown or lot to build
new construction?  Yep, we do that too!  We built over 25 new construction properties in the last few years!


Phil Katz

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