In 2012 my wife and I decided to put a 3rd story addition on our Bella Vista home.  We were planning to start a family and knew we'd soon need the extra space.  At the time I was working for myself in marketing so I had the luxury of time to navigate the process and assemble a team.  Six months later we had 600 more square feet of customized space, two roof decks with spectacular views of the city, and a re-finance appraisal that brought us $2 back in value for every $1 we put in.  Best of all, it gave us another 5+ years in a home and neighborhood that we were quickly getting priced out of had we wanted to move. 
After we finished I switched careers to real estate development because I loved it so much.  I develop new construction homes & mixed use buildings in Pennsport, Fitler Square, Francisville, Fishtown, and Hawthorne.  With my network to get projects of this size done coupled with my experience and enthusiasm for a 3rd story addition I decided to assemble an experienced team that could execute this project and work well together.  
Over a half century ago row homes were modernized by expanding back.  The two story house just isn't practical for most homeowners.  It's time to re-modernize and take them up.
Phil Katz