In 2012 my wife and I decided to put a 3rd story addition on our Bella Vista home.  We were planning to start a family and knew we'd soon need the extra space.  At the time I was working for myself in marketing but had time to navigate the process and assemble a team. A year later we had 600 more square feet of customized space, two roof decks with spectacular views of the city, and an appraisal that brought us $2 back in value for every $1 we put in.  Best of all, it gave us another 10+ years in a home and neighborhood that we were quickly getting priced out of had we wanted to move to a home with more space. 

After we finished I switched careers to real estate development because I loved this process so much, yet saw an opportunity to do better with every facet.  My development company constructs new, renovated, and additions to single family homes across the city.  

Over a half century ago Philly row homes were modernized by expanding back.  The two story house just isn't practical for most homeowners.  It's time to re-modernize and take them up.

Phil Katz